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 Get ready, the SnowDome is giving you our top ten tips for skiing like a boss. Ranging from what poles are actually for, how to get the most out of your turns and even how to fall (trust us, that one is important). We’ll go through some typical bad habits too, so you’ll know what to look for. Maybe you’re looking to buy your first or next set of ski boots? We’ve got it all covered!

  1. Range of Movement

Range of movement is one of the key elements to successful skiing. A common misconception is to bend your knees when skiing, whereas a balanced skier would need to flex their ankles, knees and hips equally.

  1. Heads Up

You may tend to look at your feet when first learning to ski. Don’t get into this bad habit, keep your head up and look where you’re going. This will improve your balance and reactions.

  1. Base of Support

Keep your feet hip width apart for a stable platform. Feet too wide or too narrow will result in the ski’s catching their edges and you losing balance.

  1. Use Your Skis Properly

Try not to lean heavily on the front of the boots, stay central to the boot cuff. This will help to activate the whole ski throughout the turn rather than relying on just the tip or the tail.

  1. Edge Angle

Turning grip can be improved by increasing the angle of the ski, this is created by separating your upper and lower body. Our instructors will be happy to demonstrate this to you.

  1. Initiate a Turn

The sooner you can balance against the outside ski (or uphill ski) the more grip will be achieved entering into the turn.

  1. Ski Poles

Ski poles are to provide timing and rhythm, they’re not there to improve your balance. Only use ski poles if you understand how they help you to ski – take a lesson if needed.

  1. Buying Boots

When being fitted for your own ski boots the inner should be removed. With your toes slightly touching the front of the shell, a small gap should be seen behind the heel. Make sure your boot technician always does this check.

  1. Falling Safely

If you’re not falling, you’re not trying! When you do fall, bring your arms in close to your body and push your skis into the snow to slow yourself down.

  1. Helmet or Not?

We ALWAYS recommend you wear a helmet, in fact when going on a skiing holiday you may find you are the odd one out if you’re not wearing one. For more information about what to wear to the SnowDome please click here.

If you want more tips or have specific requests, please don’t hesitate to ask our expert team of instructors here at the SnowDome or contact us before your visit.

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