Group Lessons

The SnowDome's group swimming lessons are taught by a dedicated team of fully qualified swimming teachers.

Parents & toddler, aqua tots, ducklings and levels 1 & 2 take place in the small pool, levels 3 to 10 and over 8's level 1 & 2 are in the large pool.

If you are unsure as to which lesson your child should be entered at please book a free assessment, you can book here or at Swim & Fitness reception. Please note that an assessment is not needed for parent & toddler, aqua tots, duckling and level 1 sessions.

Parent & Toddler (0-2 years)

This class aims to build the child and parent's confidence through a playful, fun and active atmosphere.

Aqua Tots (2-3 years)

This lesson gives the child opportunity to develop skills with confidence in a playful, safe and enjoyable environment.

Ducklings (3 years)

Within this lesson, children will cover a range of skills and basic swimming requests whilst working through the duckling levels.

Level 1

Developing basic safety awareness, initial orientation, water confidence, basic movement, co-ordination and water skills.

Level 2

Developing safe entries into the water including jumping in, basic floating, submersion, unaided travel and rotation to regain an upright position.

Junior Swim Improver

Designed for children who are not quite at level 3 standard, nervous of the main pool or lack confidence in their ability to swim safely in deeper water.

Level 3

Developing safe entries including submersion, progressing rotation skills and water safety knowledge.

Level 4 & 5

Developing the understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills, refining kicking and techniques for all strokes including butterfly.

Level 6 & 7

Consistent circuits developing watermanship through sculling and treading water skills. Performing all strokes to the given standard.

Level 8, 9 & 10

This lesson covers drills, timed swims, stroke stamina, fitness and strength sessions for all strokes with consistent lengths.

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