Charities & Fundraisers

We love helping the local community raise funds for amazing causes.

Last year we gave away over £20,000 worth of tickets and will continue to support fantastic charities and groups.

All requests will be considered, but must meet the following criteria:

  • Located within a 30 mile radius of SnowDome.
  • From a registered charity or local community group.

How to apply

  1. Due to the vast quantity of requests we receive, requests must be sent to guestservices@snowdome.co.uk
  2. Include charity/fundraiser name, postal address, details of the event and the date it is taking place.
  3. Please be patient, we will get back in touch if successful, as soon as possible.

Requests sent through any other means won’t be accepted and we are unable to notify unsuccessful candidates. Please be aware that we do have a maximum to give away every month, so requests will be sorted in a first come, first served basis. Send requests 30 days before the event to ensure maximum prize validation period.

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