Swimming FAQs

At what age will my child have to change in their own sex changing rooms?

Children over the age of 7 years old will need to use their own sex changing rooms.

How old does my child need to be to swim without an adult accompanying them in the pool?

All children under the age of 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the pool.

How tall must you be to ride the flume?

You must be 1.2m in height to ride the flume.

Can children under 1.2m ride the flume with an adult?

No, there is only one person permitted to ride the flume at all times.

What are the depths of your pool?

The main pool is 1.8m - 2.0m in the deep end and 1.0m at the shallow end. The learner pool is 0.6m - 0.9m deep and the baby splash pool is 0.15m.

Can I borrow armbands or buoyancy aids on poolside?

We do not loan armbands or buoyancy aids but armbands can be purchased in two sizes from reception for £6.

Can I purchase swim nappies?

Yes, swim nappies are available at reception for £1.50

Do you sell goggles?

No, we do not sell goggles but you can bring your own.

Are there any baby changing facilities available?

Yes, we provide a number of baby changing tables in both the male and female changing rooms.

Do you have a pool hoist which can be used for disabled customers?

Yes we have a hoist with a detachable chair that can be taken into the changing rooms. Please note this is for the main pool only.

How much are lockers?

Lockers are 20 pence refundable. Secure lockers are also available - these are situated at reception and are free to use.

What should I wear in the swimming pool?

Appropriate swim wear is to be worn - costumes, bikinis, trunks or swim shorts. No items of clothing should be worn.

Can I sit on the poolside to watch my family swim?

No, all spectators must watch from the viewing area.

Can I take photos of my family in the pool?

No, under no circumstances are photos or videos allowed to be taken on the poolside or from the spectator area.

Are there any adult only swim sessions?

Yes, please see what's on for all sessions.

When is the learner pool available for myself and my child?

During school lessons and swim scheme lessons the learner pool will be in use, therefore not available to the public. Please see what's on for session times.

At what age can I take my baby swimming?

You can take your baby swimming at any age both before and after they have had their immunisations, this is as per NHS recommendations.

Can I borrow woggles or floats on poolside?

No, woggles and floats are for swimming lesson use only, but you are welcome to bring your own.

What am I allowed to bring and use in the pool?

Small soft balls, small inflatable rings and floats are allowed. No snorkels, masks, flippers or dummies are allowed in the pool.

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