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We want you to be as ready for the slopes as possible. That’s why we’re looking at some of the best exercises you can do at home to stay in shape for when you’re back shredding on the hill.

Snowboarding uses different muscles than running, cycling and swimming. So it stands to reason that you’ll need to train differently to get the most out of your next holiday or visit to the SnowDome. The last thing you want is to spend half of your next trip to the mountains aching from head to toe after your first day on the green runs!

All of the exercises we have chosen are beneficial for all levels of fitness, they can be done anywhere and require no equipment! Below, personal trainer Dan demonstrates the correct technique for each exercise.

  1. Burpees


Burpees are the perfect combination of strength and cardio. What’s more, your core will get a workout too! To get an added bonus from this exercise, perform them interval style, 40 seconds working, 20 seconds rest. This will help replicate the type of cardio you’ll do whilst snowboarding.

  1. Hip stretch


If you spend your days at a desk or sitting at home, your hips get tight and less mobile. This is less than ideal when snowboarding as you’ll be attempting to move from heel edge to toe edge smoothly.

  1. Hollow holds


The hollow hold is a fantastic core exercise that forces your entire midsection into engaging. When snowboarding, your core will be constantly engaged (tightened). So building up how long you can last in the hollow hold position will be hugely beneficial.

  1. 1-leg Romanian deadlifts


This movement helps coordinate and strengthen the muscles of the hip, knee, and ankle, enhancing strength, control and balance. The coordination between those joints is so important when snowboarding, as it allows your lower body to adjust quickly whilst taking on differing terrain.

  1. Side plank


The core does a lot of work in all sports, but especially when your feet are strapped to a board! The side plank focus on your obliques (the sides of the core) and they engage when the body shifts left or right. They’ll be engaging every time you come in and out of a turn on your board.

  1. Chair dips


Everyone has fallen over once or twice… maybe more. Who’s counting? Chair dips are a fantastic way to strengthen your arms at home and you’ll feel the difference when you’re pushing up off the snow.

If you are yet to learn to snowboard, (you’re missing out!) these exercises will help make your learning experience easier! Good luck and enjoy.

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