How is real snow and success guaranteed every year

Santa's Winter Wonderland

As Santa’s Winter Wonderland returns for its 15th fantastic year, the event is sure to be bigger and better than ever before. The 15th year coincides with the 25th anniversary of the SnowDome opening, which makes it the longest running indoor snow centre in the world! So, it’s fair to say that we are the absolute experts in real snow and snow business.

The question remains though, how do we remain confident that we can keep delivering the goods? Let’s delve a little deeper.


Although we like to tell people that we just open the roof up when the snow falls from the sky, it actually takes a lot more effort than that…

The team here makes over 3000 tons of real snow every single year for the entire venue. We use a super-secret formula (which may or may not include sprinkles) to create our wonderfully soft and fluffy real snow for guests to enjoy.

The snow is maintained throughout the event, every morning, every night and during the breaks on even the busiest of days. By doing this we aim to deliver perfect snow for all guests so that they can enjoy all the slides, snow angels and snowballs they can handle.

After the event is wrapped up each year, the team look at the snow trail and start thinking up what we can add. We are constantly on the look out for new features, new interactions and new decorations... whatever we can do to make the snow trail the ultimate start to our family Christmas adventure.


It is a running joke here that Christmas starts in February… in actual fact, this is completely true! The team reviews last year’s event and put the wheels in motion for the following year then and there. The only place that starts on Christmas earlier than us is the North Pole itself!

With 15 years of experience, the event has grown and aims to better the previous year’s event year after year. Everyone takes great pride in Santa’s Winter Wonderland and it is always great to hear that we are a real Christmas tradition for so many families around the UK.

For Santa’s Winter Wonderland, we meet sure to make with some of the UK’s top companies in their fields. Each year we bring in a brilliant theatre company who work with the directors and Santa himself to create a brand new amazing show… Santa always insists on being the star, who can blame him. 

Whether it takes a weekend long drive to Scotland to collect ski chairlifts for brilliant family photos or making sure the decorations on one of hundreds of Christmas trees are just right… no job is too big or detail too small when it comes to Santa’s Winter Wonderland. 15 years of working with the big man himself, we must be doing something right!

Santa’s Winter Wonderland opens its doors Friday 15th November and is open until Tuesday 31st December. Tickets are already selling fast so book now to avoid disappointment.

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