August Team SDF 10

Fitness & Spa

Our newest series of video content is here... get more out of your workouts and discover exciting new ways to use the equipment available at SnowDome Fitness.

Every month new Team SDF 10 videos will explore ten of the best exercises you can do on specific items in the gym, going over a variety of different training goals in the process.

Whether you want to get more out of the landmine press or have always wondered what you can do with the plyometric boxes, the Team SDF 10 has got you covered.

With Team SDF 10's arrival, we say goodbye to the #SnowDomeWarrior workouts! We've had some amazing participants over the last year so thank you all. Here's to the next evolution of SnowDome Fitness!

This month Paul takes us through some of the exercises you can do with kettlebells!

Want an extra challenge? Try all 10 in a row, 30 seconds each! How many rounds can you get in 10 minutes? Post your attempts in a video, using the hashtag #TeamSDF10 and we'll select our favourite and they'll win a prize!

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