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Wayne Harrison and Wayne Harrison Jr

Wayne Harrison

Joined: July 2017

Quote from fitness team: Wayne is a hard worker in the gym, he always covers all areas of training from cardio to resistance which is great to see! As a result of his effort, he's made a noticeable difference to his appearance and has lost weight. 

Fitness achievement: Losing 4 and a half stone and increasing my overall fitness.

Favourite thing about SnowDome Fitness: The fitness team are always ready to help out and offer advice when needed. Plus, the friendly atmosphere. 

Favourite piece of equipment: Cardio equipment... the treadmill is my favourite!

Best workout: Managing to complete 10K runs as part of the SnowDome Fitness challenges.

Current fitness goal: To improve running times and overall strength.


Wayne Harrison Jr

Joined: July 2017

Quote from fitness team: Wayne has steadily been improving his 1 rep maxes. We're sure he will hit the 160kg deadlift soon with his consistent weight training sessions.  

Fitness achievement: Losing over 1 stone in weight, whilst improving my strength and muscle mass. Plus, reaching 140kg on my deadlift. 

Favourite thing about SnowDome Fitness: Good selection of equipment in the free weights area and the helpfulness of the PT's. 

Favourite piece of equipment: The free weights area.

Best workout: Deadlifting sessions!

Current fitness goal: To reach 160kg on squatting and deadlifting.


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