Christmas opening times

During the festive season, the normal opening hours will change only on the following days....

Christmas Eve 

SnowDome Fitness - 8am-4pm
Climb - 8.45am-6pm
Casual swim - 8am-4pm
Skiing and snowboarding - 9am-6pm

Christmas Day - CLOSED

Boxing Day 

SnowDome Fitness - 10am-4pm
- 10am-4pm
Casual swim - 10am-4pm
Skiing and snowboarding - not available

New Year's Eve

SnowDome Fitness - 8am-4pm
 - 9am-5pm
Casual swim - 8am-4pm
Skiing and snowboarding - 9am-5pm

New Year's Day

SnowDome Fitness - 10am-4pm
 - 10am-4pm
Casual swim - 10am-4pm
Skiing and snowboarding - not available


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