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Chris and Rach Robinson


JOINED: January 2018.

QUOTE FROM GYM TEAM: During circuit training classes, Chris is always pushing himself and working as hard as possible. He always gives it his all, whether it’s sprints, lifting or burpees. We’re looking forward to seeing him back in fitness classes, once he has recovered from surgery…. Well done Chris!

FITNESS ACHIEVEMENT: Improvement of my muscular endurance.

FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SNOWDOME FITNESS: The classes and the trainers! Boot camp is probably my favourite class… it opens your eyes to new ways of training.

FAVOURITE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT: The barbell power clean to squat!

BEST WORKOUT: Big compound workouts… squats, deadlifts, clean and press, bench press and pull ups. They’re all cardio and strength training in one exercise.

CURRENT FITNESS GOAL: To get over my knee surgery (ACL) and get back to full fitness so that I can attend circuit training and boot camp classes again.


JOINED: January 2018.

QUOTE FROM GYM TEAM: Rach always gives it her all… you’ll always find her near the front of the class and she keeps on working until the timer stops. Her strength and fitness levels have both improved since becoming a member. Keep up the great work!

FITNESS ACHIEVEMENT: Being able to execute a REAL press up!

FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SNOWDOME FITNESS: The classes (especially circuits) and the instructors!

FAVOURITE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT: The battle ropes, although I do have a love/hate relationship with the sled… secretly enjoy feeling like I’m going to collapse after a set.

BEST WORKOUT: HIIT training and kettlebells for an overall body workout.

CURRENT FITNESS GOAL: To maintain overall fitness and I would love bigger/more toned quads!



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