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Hayley Chick

JOINED: September 2016.

QUOTE FROM GYM TEAM: Hayley deserves recognition for the continuous hard work she has put in over the 3 years to achieve an amazing weight loss of 4 and a half stone! She has accomplished this by changing her lifestyle and eating habits, increasing her exercise levels and setting herself achievable goals and smashing them. Well done Hayley.

FITNESS ACHIEVEMENT: Losing 4 and a half stone since May 2018 after joining Slimming World and attending the gym 4 times a week.

FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SNOWDOME FITNESS: All members are really friendly, encouraging and pass no judgements. There’s also a great variety of classes with excellent instructors.

FAVOURITE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT: Using the weights in Bodypump classes and the treadmill, as I have always wanted to increase my running.


CURRENT FITNESS GOAL: To achieve my target weight, tone up and keep increasing my fitness levels.

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