First Ice Steps

Take your first steps on the ice for absolute beginners of all ages.

Work through an exciting set of techniques during this 4 week course designed for absolute beginners wanting to take their first steps on the ice, with a 30 minute lesson each week. Participants go through a range of skills, from sitting down and standing up to forward two foot glides and snowploughs. 

The First Ice Steps lesson covers a range of skills for complete beginners including... 

  • Knee balance to push up
  • Sit down and stand up
  • Stamp/stomp standing still
  • Stamp/stomp with movement
  • March forward on the ice
  • Forward two foot glide
  • Skate and dip
  • Dip with arms behind
  • Stepping around on the spot
  • Stamp/stomp backwards
  • Backwards marching across the ice
  • Forward swizzles
  • Quarter two foot turn
  • Two foot turn on the spot
  • Snowplough

Each lesson will work towards an outcome each week however, a course may need to be repeated to achieve all outcomes.

Skate hire is included in the price of admission and your shoes will be looked after while you are out on the ice. Spectators can enjoy views from the lodge.

Course dates:

1st October 2022
2nd October 2022

29th October 2022
30th October 2022

26th November 2022
27th November 2022

All children aged 2-16 years must wear helmets, which are provided.

Need to knows

  • Suitable for 5 years+

  • 30 minute lesson

  • Ice skates included

  • Learn exciting new skills

  • 4 week course

  •  Adult

      Per lesson   £9.00
  •  Junior

      Per lesson   £9.00

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