SnowDome Warrior

/snəʊdəʊm wɒrɪə/


1. A person who wakes up every day and wants to make themselves a little bit better, a little bit healthier or a little bit stronger.

“See the woman over there, she’s done the school run, been to work, led meetings, cooked dinner and been to the gym today. She’s an absolute SnowDome Warrior!”

2. Someone who isn’t afraid to try something new or push themselves.

“When he started, he’d never done more than a 10 minute jog for exercise, now he’s at 3 TRX sessions a week and has started lifting free weights, what a SnowDome Warrior.”

Synonyms: awesome, driven, confident, self-assured, tenacious, diligent, purposeful, determined

Every month we will be giving you the chance to embrace your inner warrior with exciting new workouts designed to show you new skills, improve your fitness and be the best version of you.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the latest videos, tips & motivation and use the hashtag #SnowDomeWarrior to let us know how you did!

Check out this month's video.

To check out all of the previous Warrior Workouts head to our YouTube channel.

Every month our favourite #SnowDomeWarrior will get a £30 in SnowDome vouchers so get involved!

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