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Starting out at the gym and making new healthy habits can be hard. That’s why this month’s article is here to help you make the change and stick to it. The fitness team want you to succeed so if you have any questions or are looking for advice, just ask!

Find what works for you

The phrase “horses for courses” is just as true with exercise. There’s a whole host of ways to workout… resistance, running and classes to name a few. There really is something for everyone, so find what works for you as an individual rather than what you feel you have to do. Don’t let the headlines and articles out there tell you it’s their way or the highway. When you book an induction with the fitness team, they can help you discover what you enjoy most. You can also use your free PT sessions to try out new things and add things to your routine.

Don’t go too hard too soon

One of the main things that puts people off exercise is the thought of being in pain the next day. While that pain is usually a good thing (muscle soreness usually implies growth and development of muscles), to some it isn’t an enticing prospect. As such, try not to do too much in your first session, whether you are new to the gym or you’ve
had time off. No matter what aspect of exercise you choose, remember it’s a long term commitment that’s important.

Fail to prepare… prepare to fail

The first week you intend to exercise, look ahead at your schedule and make small changes to your routine. For example, on Sunday night, make an effort to get your exercise clothes out for the next day and then set your alarm to wake up 30 minutes earlier on Monday. Set the bar low with new behaviour changes in order to make
habits that will last. You can even make dietary changes, like less fizzy drinks or sugary treats. By preparing yourself mentally for a lifestyle change, it will be less of a shock to the system when you start.


It’s very easy to pull out of your workout if it’s just yourself you have to answer to. One of the best ways to start exercising and to stick with it is by having a
friend, work colleague or family member to workout with. It is a great way to boost motivation, hold each other accountable and stick to your workout routine. It also adds a social aspect, which brings more fun into working out.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

If you miss a day or a workout, don’t worry about it. Everybody struggles once in a while. Also, if what you’re doing just isn’t working for you, you may need to simply try a different activity or a different time of day. Don’t give up! Gradually build activity into your schedule and lifestyle so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

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