Science experiments for kids to do at home

There are loads of fun science experiments that kids can do at home. You don’t need fancy microscopes or Bunsen burners either, you’ll be able to find what you need in your kitchen cupboards!

As parents across the nation have turned into at-home teachers, we here at the SnowDome went looking for some simple science experiments that the family could do together, whilst having fun too!

  1. Instant ice

Time to embrace the power of Elsa!! Water can turn into ice as its being poured. What you’ll need to do is chill water in the freezer until it’s almost frozen. Then place an overturned ceramic bowl in the sink, put some ice on the top and pour the ‘most frozen’ water over! Kids will be able to see the water changing between states of matter, cool stuff.

Here’s the full tutorial.

  1. Grow an avocado tree

For an easy lesson in Earth Science, your family can grow an avocado tree from a pit. All you need to do is peel the seed and suspend it over water with toothpicks. Sadly, you won’t be saving any money on avocados from the supermarket anytime soon.

Check out the how to.

  1. Ice escapes

Yes, another experiment based around ice, what can we say? We’re certainly biased! When the kids are sleeping, sneak some of their toys into a bowl of water, then place it in the freezer. When you bring out the ice escape, leave the budding scientists to figure out how they can speed up the process!

The details.

  1. Secret messages

Combine being a scientist and a secret agent! All you’ll need for this science experiment is lemon juice and heat, easy! Without knowing, your 007’s will be learning about oxidisation as it happens.

Take a look at the guide.

  1. Rainbow in a jar

The rainbow jar is a great way to show kids the concept of density. Different liquids have different weights, so the heaviest (with more molecules) will sink to the bottom whilst the lightest will float to the top, resulting in colourful layers. You can use various different liquids for this, such as syrup, honey, dish soap, olive oil and rubbing alcohol.

Take a look at the full instructions here.

  1. Making a volcano

We thought we’d finish with a bang! The classic, at home science experiment is of course the erupting volcano. All you’ll need is vinegar, baking powder, washing up liquid and water. Plus, if you’ve got some spare red food colouring, you can add that in for the wow factor! The kids will love it and hopefully you will too. Disclaimer… take this one outside!

See the how to with video here.

So, there you have it, six fun experiments you can at home to get your kids excited about science. We look forward to our mentions in your children’s Nobel Prize speeches!

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