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All you need to know when choosing your course.

Do you fancy giving ice skating lessons a go but not sure if it's right for you, or which course is best to take on? We have ice skating courses that are great for absolute beginners and improver intermediates. Book onto a 6 week course and learn the basics with bronze, silver or gold lessons.

Bronze Course

The bronze skate course covers a range of skills for complete beginners, from sitting down and standing up to T-stop. 

  • Knee balance to push up
  • Sit down and stand up
  • Stamp/stomp standing still
  • Stamp/stomp with movement
  • March forward on the ice
  • Forward two foot glide
  • Skate and dip
  • Dip with arms behind
  • Stepping around on the spot
  • Stamp/stomp backwards
  • Backwards marching across the ice
  • Forward swizzles
  • Quarter two foot turn
  • Two foot turn on the spot
  • Snowplough

Silver Course

The silver skate course covers a range of skills improving on the basics, from two footed turns to backwards stroking.

  • Forward stroking
  • Forward two foot glide on a curve
  • Moving two footed turn
  • Backwards swizzles
  • Back two footed glide
  • Forward one foot glide
  • Backward one foot glide
  • Forward inside and outside edges on a circle
  • Backward inside and outside edges on a circle
  • Forward continuous chasses around in a circle
  • Backward continuous chasses around in a circle

Gold Course

The gold skate course covers a range of skills for intermediate skaters, from forward crossovers to a two footed spin.

  • Forward crossovers
  • Backward crossovers
  • Backward outside edges step to forward outside edge on a circle
  • Forward outside three turns from standstill
  • Forward inside three turns from standstill
  • Two footed spin
  • Forwards mohawk
  • Continuous forward inside edges along a straight line
  • Continuous forward outside edges along a straight line
  • Forward spirals
  • Cross rolls

You can pre-book your space online or by calling 03448 000011.

Need to knows

  • Suitable for 5 years+

  • 6 week course

  • 30 minute lesson per week

  • Learn exciting new skills

  • Achieve awards

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