Having enjoyed sports and fitness since school, I decided to go to University and further my knowledge on the body and nutrition.

Strength: Using my passion and love for fitness to help my clients get the most out of every session with me.
Weakness: Jaffa cakes
Favourite Sport: Rugby
Favourite Athlete: Kris Gethin

About me

I used my love and passion for fitness to help me progress throughout my time there.

During that period I learned an invaluable amount about helping others reach their goals, learn new techniques and break through their training plateaus. My time on the course was invaluable to me and in turn, my clients.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with a range of individuals, from people that are recovering from heart surgery to individuals that are already training hard but need that outside knowledge and motivation to help them progress.

No matter what I’m doing, I will always be happy to help someone with any queries they have. I will always make sure I give advice on an individual level to help you get the most from your time… so make sure you say hello when you see me!

Training with me

When you train with me I will always tailor the training to fit your needs as an individual. To do this I will get to know what exercises you love or hate, along with any injuries you may have that requires me to adapt your training. I will create programs that are effective and optimised to get you the best results, as quickly as possible.

So no matter what your goal is, I can always help to create the plan that best matches your needs and wants. I will help you not only reach the goals that you deserve, but also maintain them after all that hard work. My training sessions will push you to progress and be enjoyable.

Qualifications & training

  • BSC in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Sciences
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Nutrition
  • Circuit Training
  • Speed Training
  • Strength, Power and Endurance Training

What my clients say

“When I first started training with Kieron I had back and hip problems which gave me pain every day, now 2 years down the line I am really happy with how far we have gotten with my level of fitness and also with my problem areas. He will always think of new ways to tweak our workouts to make sure I’m getting the most from each exercise. He is very motivating and encourages me to keep going even when I think I can’t. He is always pushing me to hit new goals, which is really inspiring.” Hannah, Former PT Client

“When Kieron started training me, the first thing he did was help me relearn my form on all of my lifts, as I had learned some bad habits previously. This helped me to deal with the rotator cuff pain I used to get whilst lifting. After he taught me the correct form he started to push my strength limits and got me doing lifts I couldn’t or wouldn’t do before, such as squats.” Cameron, Former PT Client

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