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SnowDome opened its doors as the first real snow indoor venue in the UK in 1994.
Originally the SnowDome was developed and operated by a regional company that also operated other leisure businesses.
In 1994 the venue featured:
  • The 170metre main snow slope
  • Aspens Lounge Bar
  • Tirol Function Suite
  • Reception & Ticketing in the foyer
  • The snow sports retail outlet

In 1996 the business was purchased by a PLC. Roll out projects were proposed but faltered.

By 1999 the PLC owner commenced a process of de-merging and de-listing from the Stock Exchange.

The management team commenced an MBO (management buyout) strategy.

In 2000 the MBO was completed and SnowDome Limited was created, it is the same Company that still trades the SnowDome venue to this day.


SnowDome Limited is a private company. SnowDome Limited is an owner-managed business.

There are 3 owners; Martin Smith, Gary Baker and Michael Coats.

All 3 have been equity partners since 2000 and they were the core Management Team in 2000 that put together the MBO transaction.

There were originally 2 other partners and also an amount of equity funding. These interests have been bought out down the years.

Owner managed businesses are often pioneering and entrepreneurial. They are very close to the trade and are quick to react to both opportunities and threats.

This is certainly true of SnowDome Limited.

Over the years since 2000 the Company has evolved and matured with a dominant philosophy of re-investing in the business.

This is why the SnowDome venue now has extensive additional facilities to those that were originally on offer when the venue first opened in 1994.

The development of the venue in Tamworth can be charted as follows:

  • Academy 1 snow slope
  • Spectator balcony in main snow hall
  • Snow tubing (UK Patent)
  • Academy 2 & 3 snow slopes
  • Ice skating
Arena development featuring:
  • Children’s Snowplay (UK’s first)
  • Indoor Snowmobiling (UK Patent)
  • Party Rooms 1, 2 & 3
  • Rocky Mountain Bar
  • Party Room 4
  • Ice Track (UK’s only)
  • Starbucks Licensed Store
  • SnowDome Limited is part of a parent Company named SnowDome Group Limited (same shareholders).
SnowDome Group Limited also owns a leisure operating company named SnowDome Swim & Fitness Limited.

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